February 25, 2013


Actually it's not to bad , but all I can think about is food! I am drinking the cleanse as a hot,tea and it is much better. Today was actually not to bad , because I was busy. I am not working tomorrow so I need to keep busy. I am looking forward to the shake days. I guess I should mention that I am doing the isagenix brand cleanse. I did some research and decided this system would work well with my ailments.

Cleanse day 1

Started a 9 day cleanse today! The cleanse consists of 2 days cleansing , with is basically fasting with some super potent juice.  then i do 5 days of two protein shakes and a small healthy meal along with healthy snacks. I decided to do this because I suffered from a really bad flare a couple of weeks ago.  It was one of the worse ones i had ever had.  I was in bed and taking vicadin and percocet, to take the edge off.  I think in fact i know this happened for a reason.  I was slacking in my eating.  i was eating some refined carbs and my body does not like those!  i was indulging in things i shouldn't!  This flare gave a chance to say WTH am i doing?  I decided to a cleanse to rid my body of toxins and flush out all ickyiness.  My plan is to this and then begin juicing and returning to my paleo roots.  I am keeping track of my stats and will post after my cleanse.  This  will be tough , but WHAT DOESN'T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER!  I am in this for the long haul! 

January 09, 2013

Back to it

I realize I do not have the attention span for a wordy blog , but I would Loveto have one sooo I am doing it Kira style:) yesterday back to paleo 100% peed 1000xs. Feel great still bloated breakfast today was eggs.

March 29, 2012

Pull ups

I have decided my goal for the summer is to be able to do pull-ups !  Well i have never been able to, but yesterday i used the assisted machine and had to put 140 lbs on it to counter what i could do:(  my goal is to get that number down to 100 by the end of the summer!  My pale journey is going well.  i have had some cheats , prob more than i should.  I now realize it though and pick things up and move on.  Before i would just kept bingeing.  Eating truly is a psych adventure.  I will admit that this way of life has changed my taste buds and my need to binge.  I have not binged on sweets in a long time! i have learned the meaning of Slow food:)

March 21, 2012

Before and after:)

Top pics are before , bottom Picts are after 5 weeks Paleo. I wasn't as strict as I should have been. I did drink any alcohol but I did have some pizza and some girl scout cookies. I am still eating Paleo because it has proven to me to help my RA symptoms . I am lucky I like meat and sweet potatoes.. I will try and post more Picts as I continue on this journey:)

Rack of lamb!

Yumm my first taste of lamb. Yummy but still can't get over what it was:(

February 17, 2012

Bloated cow

Yes that is what i feel like after i stupidly ate a piece of pizza and some chocolate on vday! Three days later i am still strying to recover... i have not had any of thing icky since then drinking tons of water!
Yesterday kicked my butt though.. subbed elementary pe and was tired and sore all.day. i.really felt this last flare.  I think it might have been a blessing in disguise? Because my brain no.nows how good i feel when eating right and how crappy i feel when not.. before i dont think it knew why i hurt.  Just that i did. Now it knows what to associate pain with? Any way subbing again today .. i got the call on my way to the gym so no workout yet.  Only had time to eat one poached egg this morning. Brought spinach with roast beef and avocado for lunch.